P A Y M E N T    P L A N S:  

P A Y   I N   I N S T A  L M E N T S


To help collectors who wish to purchase my neon work, furniture or my prints but who do not have the full amount of money available at that time to make the purchase, I now offer payment instalment plans e.g. payment of an initial (non refundable) deposit followed by the payment of the remaining balance over a further few months (exact details to be agreed on a case by case basis with buyers). Upon completion and payment of the full balance as outlined in the payment plan, the artwork will then be delivered to the buyer. Typically I offer plans over 3-6 months. I have found these to be very helpful to buyers and they work well. Please do read the "Please note" comment below on timescales and lapses though (unfortunately this is necessary to cover circumstances when buyers do not pay/meet the terms of the agreement/disappear part way through paying etc, which although rare, does happen occasionally). There is a detailed contract with the terms and conditions, payment schedule, what happens in the event Rebecca dies (!) etc during the payment period.

There is no interest etc charged so you will save on credit card etc fees (assuming you don't pay by credit card, though you can if you wish). Please note, this is NOT a credit agreement.


Neon artwork price £3800

Initial deposit: £1800

4 further payments on the 1st of each of the next 4 months of £500 each.

Upon receipt of the final payment (such that the full balance of £3800 has been paid), the artwork will then be delivered to the buyer.

Please note - Payments are non-refundable and ownership of the physical item remains with Rebecca Mason until full payment is received. In the event of non-payment of the full balance within the agreed timetable then the plan lapses and buyers are not entitled to a refund of payments already made as part of that plan and the artwork remains the property of Rebecca Mason who is free to sell on elsewhere. This is to avoid non payment, or payment which is stretched over a longer than agreed period (such events prevent the artist from being able to sell on the work, involve storage and admin costs etc).