Photo Credit: Ben Fisher Photography

Photo Credit: Ben Fisher Photography

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For all queries about available artwork, installment payment plans and exhibition opportunities please complete the form on this page or email Rebecca at

I have only a limited stock listed on my online shop - there may be more artworks available - drop me a message to check availability if you're interested in a particular piece.

A few notes to save your time (and mine):

PRINTS ARE ON PAPER AND DO NOT LIGHT UP. Please do not contact me to ask how one of my paper prints lights up. The original neon works light up and that is why they are more expensive than the prints.

COMMISSIONS: I very rarely agree to commissions. Not wanting to sound ridiculously pretentious (but still managing to do so!) I create the pieces as artistic expressions for myself and the backgrounds often take a long time to write -  I struggle to create something in my style (text on text) for someone else on a theme they have given me as it does not come from my heart and I don’t like writing backgrounds for someone else or being given their words but putting my name to the piece. I might not be into the content myself and it isn’t fair also to make them retract things because they are not my thing. I am also extremely busy working on pieces and running my own gallery so there is very little time.

Commissions, by their nature and in the very rare circumstance I agree to one, will always be more expensive than the neon work I list in my shop (as a guide) as they are one off pieces and involve a lot of back and forth etc - prices would start at £10,000 plus a non refundable consultation and design fee would be charged in every case (this is to cover scenarios where I do a lot of work on coming up with a design but the potential client then decides to not go ahead). This might sound like a lot but whenever I do a neon with a detailed text background, as well as the high costs involved anyway, I can usually do an edition of 2-5 plus release prints - the combined sales of all of this cover the time I spent coming up with the original design, breakage risk etc. With a commission there is just a single piece and no prints etc, so my time per piece is much higher.

I am also not taking on any requests for bespoke signs e.g. if you want just a specific phrase in neon I am not doing this. I am afraid I do not reply to those requests given the volume I receive.

Please do not be offended if I do not reply to your request for a commission or bespoke sign - I get emails on this all the time.

HIRING THE ARTWORK FOR SHOOTS ETC: Please note, the artwork is only provided on a hire basis in very limited circumstances and always incurs a hire fee which must also cover transport, insurance etc. The artwork will not be loaned out free of charge.

USE OF MY ARTWORK IMAGES: all my artwork is copyright and all rights are reserved. I do not allow my artwork, images of my artwork, photos of my artwork (including cards, jewellery etc as well as prints, neons and anything else I produce) to be used in other artist/designer artwork, products, other company branding etc unless agreed in writing with full terms, conditions and for an agreed fee.

GALLERY AND EXHIBITION ENQUIRIES: I am always happy to hear of potential new shows. Please note however that I will not consider any event where the curator/organiser does not have insurance for the work or has not agreed in writing to cover any and all costs associated with damage/breakage and theft.