From March 2017 I have been running my own studio/gallery/design space in Folkestone's Creative Quarter and have now launched the website and online shop.  The space includes the work of over 40 artists and designers and there will be more on the webshop over the coming months.  Do check it out! The artwork, accessories and design products are all selected by me personally to fit with a deep, thoughtful, humorous ethos and an aesethetic that embodies a combination of the monotone, slightly gothic and neon tones. The work complements my own neon artworks. I own work/products by many of the artists and designers myself and many are people I have exhibited with or met at various art fairs during my art career and as a collector myself. I passionately believe in each of the artists and makers included in store, as well as in paying them quickly after a sale and keeping commission as low as I can.

I exhibit a number of my neons in the space at any one time - allowing collectors interested in my work to view a range of pieces in a much more attractive environment than my old messy studio! Folkestone is only 46 mins by train from Stratford international (London) train station and under one hour by train from Kings Cross Station.

If you're looking for something you've seen in the window of sentient (e.g. Feckless pet, Darren Cullen, lampshade), please go to or message me at