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COMING SOON - NEW FINISHED PIECE provisionally called "Content?"

Am hoping to get this finished and released by mid to late September. I’ve bent the glass and sent the background to print, so now I’m just waiting for the glass to be filled with gas and for my background to come back from the printers/framers so I can attach the neon light part to it.

Expect prints later in the Autumn.

“DATA” will be in neon in my handwriting rather than the font shown below (actually, it will be argon and mercury filled tubes). It’s about big data and the internet (a topic I’ve covered quite a bit in the past) and the FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google). Munch munch munch. Is it too late to fix this? Probably.

data .jpg

Here’s the background print, I am just waiting for my glass to be processed for me (filled with gas) now and then I’ll finish it.

data background shot.jpg
data mock up.jpg